Printed Tape produced by experts in the Packaging industry.

packaging tape uk supplier

Free Artwork Design

We can offer free artwork design on your order depending on the number of rolls you purchase.

packaging tape uk supplier

Super Fast Delivery

With our premium production service we can produce & deliver your order within 3 - 7 days.

packaging tape uk supplier

Increased Security

Using custom tape to seal your boxes greatly reduces the chances of theft and product tampering.

printed tape

Custom Printed Tape

Printed Tape is great for sealing boxes and is also used as an effective low cost Marketing Tool. There are numerous advantages gained by utilizing a custom tape apart from just sealing your boxes securely, the continuous design acts as a visual tamper evident security measure and promotes your brand whilst in transit. It’s also a great product to increase your brand awareness. Contact us today for a bespoke quote.

printed paper tape

Printed Paper Tape

Printed paper tape has risen tremendously in popularity due to it’s Eco Friendly properties. We produce printed paper tape in many sizes and the types of paper tape we offer are water activated paper tape, or printed gummed paper tape. We can print 3 colours onto the paper substrate which comes in two colours, these are White & Brown/Kraft Paper.

custom barrier tape

Printed Barrier Tape

Printed Barrier Tape is a non adhesive tape that creates a divide or a barrier most commonly used at races, charity events and by the police. We can produce custom printed barrier tape in many sizes, quantities and colours. This tape is widely known as Barrier tape or Barricade Tape. The minimum order for barrier tape is 12 rolls.

Here are the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does production & delivery take?

We have various production and delivery options available. Each print run can be produced in one of three turnarounds. These are “Super Saver” which means your order will be produced and delivered to you within 21 days. The next service is “Standard” using this service will ensure your packaging tape is with you within 14 days, and finally we have our “Premium Turnaround” which guarantees your tape will be with you in 3 to 7 days.

Where do i send my artwork to when i order?

That’s an easy one, send the artwork containing your tape design to , if you could include your order number that would be great!

What are the different widths and lengths of tape you produce?

We can print tape in widths from 12 mm all the way up to 144 mm wide, this gives you the flexibility to purchase a tape that suits your needs.

Why is the minimum order 36 rolls?

To be economical in the way we produce tapes the minimum order is one box of 36 rolls, the set up procedure of the machines and the plate and design checking, boxing, labeling and dispatching orders means the price for 1 roll is the same for 36. We could sell you 1 roll but it would be the same price as 36 rolls so that’s why you see the industry minimum orders range between 36 and 72 rolls.

What is meant by the Origination / Plates cost?

Flexographic printing of packaging tape requires us to manufacture printing plates, this is a “one off bespoke”  process required to successfully print your job. When you re order the exact same tape with us in the future there will be NO plate cost as we will keep the plate in stock for you. We can also waive printing plate costs on orders over 288 rolls.

If you'd like a personalised tape quote, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.