Branded Tape is a cost effective Packaging & Marketing tool.

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Free Artwork Design

We can offer free artwork design on your order depending on the number of rolls you purchase.

packaging tape uk supplier

Super Fast Delivery

With our premium production service we can produce & deliver your order within 3 - 7 days.

packaging tape uk supplier

Increased Security

Using custom tape to seal your boxes greatly reduces the chances of theft and product tampering.

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Branded Tape

Branded tape is adhesive tape material that’s printed with your personalised design including your logo and business details. Upgrading your plain packaging tape to a bespoke branded tape will also help to increase repeat purchases.

With our minimum order being only 36 rolls for custom tapes, it’s a very affordable way to improve your brand identity whilst professionally sealing your boxes. Get a quote today

Branded Tape Specifications

Custom packaging tapes can be produced in sizes and widths that fall anywhere between mm and mm. Our standard tape length is 66 meters long x 48 mm wide per roll of tape. We can increase the length of material per roll or reduce it to suit your needs.

We can print personalised tape in up to 3 colours as standard, and if required we can produce photo quality full-colour HD tapes. Pantone colours, reverse print and a material selection are also available.

We offer a range of tape materials, the most common being Polypropylene tape offering a great glossy finish and Vinyl tape that offers a premium matte finish.

Our eco-friendly solution is a printed paper tape. Paper tapes are strong and are fully recyclable offering a high-quality organic finish.

Questions & Answers

How does custom printed tape help to combat theft & lost consignments?

During shipping, it is common to come across boxes that have been misplaced by shippers. This could be at the loading point or the terminal where the merchandise is offloaded. Using printed adhesive tape doesn’t prevent misplacement, but in case such misplacement occurs, it is easier to identify the affected packages. Bespoke tape makes your packages to stand out from the rest.

How does a personalised tape help you with promotions?

If you have promotional messages printed on your tape and others on the box, the difference between them is that for custom tape promotions, you can easily change the wording cost-effectively to cater for another promotion. On the other hand, cartons are more rigid and changing requires time. Such rigidity in a fluid market can cost you repeat purchase from customers who are highly responsive to promotional messages.

Is upgrading to a custom packaging tape a cost effective investment?

When branding your packaging, you have the option of printing your logo on the box or the tape. Printing on the box is more expensive than printing your brand on the tape. In addition, printing on cartons means you have to ensure that the different sizes of cartons you have for packaging bear your logo and other branding emblems. This increases per unit cost that can be avoided if the printing is done on the tape. You can use the money you save on other campaigns.

How will printed tape improve your parcels appearance?

Printed packaging tape improves your parcels appearance.
When packages are sealed with branded tape, they project a cleaner and more professional look. This is important in presentation as it creates the impression you desire for your brand. Customers are not just interested in the product, but also in the packaging. You never know, this could be the difference between you and your competitors.

What are the benefits and advantages of using Branded Tape?

Branded tapes give businesses an inexpensive way of packaging and branding the parcels you send out to customers. During transit, goods may be exposed to some rough handling that can easily damage them.

However, with proper packing using a strong adhesive tape, you can be assured that your customers will receive their merchandise in good condition.

Today’s business world is highly competitive and brands have to be stronger and recognizable to succeed. With good branding, your target audience becomes familiar with your business and can quickly spot it even in a crowded market.

The use of custom packaging tape is one of the best strategies. It complements the value of brochures and websites in marketing your business. Many companies are yet to realise the power of custom printed tape, but for those that have made the decision, the brand awareness and repeat sales they are enjoying prove that the choice to upgrade was well worth the investment.

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