The Difference between Branded Tape and Regular Packing Tape

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22 Jun

If you are still contemplating on whether you should stick to your regular packing tape or try out branded tape, knowing the difference can help you decide. Many businesses argue that standard tape is cost effective and does the sealing job pretty well. However, we all know that tape is not just for sealing but can complement your branding efforts as well.

We have recently done a printed tape for a Bradford DJ,

Other than that, there are many more differences between them:

Cost Per Roll of Tape

Branded tape may cost more per roll compared to regular tape, but the difference is in the length of the roll. Branded tape could even be 4 to 5 times longer than the standard tape. This effectively lowers the cost per roll.

Cost Per Package

Custom packing tape seals your package more securely than standard tape. Once applied, the branded tape creates a very strong bond which means you only need a few stripes to get the job done. This lowers the cost per package and reduces chances of theft of your package.

The Time Element

When shipping just a few boxes, you may not see the economic sense of using branded tape. However, if you are in a busy business environment, where you package lots of cartons, the benefit of branded tape becomes evident.

Branded tape comes with sponges which help in preparing the tape for sealing. This significantly cuts the amount of time you take to package boxes. The more you order, the greater the bargain. With this, you get branded tape at much cheaper prices.

What to Look for in Branded Tape

Choosing branded packaging tape may seem an insignificant decision, but it is an important element of your packaging strategy. Mistakes made in tape selection and application can ruin your reputation and customer relationship. The following are some of the key factors to bear in mind when selecting branded packaging tape.


Packaging tape comes in a wide range of grades that are characterised by varying levels of adhesive and film thickness. The carton size, weight, shipping, and production environment, determine to a greater extent the grade you should choose. Higher grades are associated with more tensile strength and holding power than lower grades.


Environmental conditions such as temperature, dust, and humidity can affect the quality of the seal. Therefore, it is important that you consider the conditions around your production and shipping points.