Washi Tape Ideas

21 May

Washi Tape Ideas

 Does your home, office, or dorm space seem a bit dull decor-wise? Well, you can easily liven it up using washi tape. Washi tape is a durable, decorative masking-like tape that comes in a variety of colours and patterns. The tape:


  • Can easily stick on most surfaces, including wood, metal, glass, and plastic
  • Tears cleanly
  • Can be written on using a pen or marker
  • Comes off without leaving residue or causing damage
  • Is affordable, which is convenient if you’re on a budget


What can you do with washi tape?


Washi tape can give whatever you stick it to a more finished and elegant look. And there’s so much you can do with it. Here are a few washi tape creative ideas you can try:


DIY picture and poster frames


If your rental or dorm prohibits nail or tack use for framing, no worries. Just tape a photo, poster, magazine clipping, or artwork to your wall, then use washi tape to create a colourful, shaped frame around it. You can choose either solid-colour, multi-colour, or custom printed tape. Printed washi tape can be dotted, striped, checkered, nature-themed, holiday-themed, animal-themed, et cetera.



Do it yourself wall art


Use washi tape to create unique, temporary wall art. Get ideas online or tap into your creativity and revamp your plain wall. If you go for wall messages, try spelling out the words using different colours and design tapes like so.



Customize your laptop


Cover your laptop and decorate your keyboard with your choice of washi tape designs. Additionally, you can use the tape to decorate or label your chargers, which ensures you don’t confuse your chargers with those of your family members or roommates.



Decorate your flower pots and planters


Add a splash of colour to flower pots and up-cycled planters using washi tapes and brighten up your home decor. It also allows you to use old tin cans by transforming them into eye-catching little flower pots that match your home decor.



Line the outside of a lampshade


There’s no need to buy a new lampshade. You only need to give your old one a makeover using hip, colourful, patterned washi tape. For variety, don’t be afraid to mix and match different widths, colours, and patterns.



Line the inside of a lampshade


You can also use washi tape to line the underside of your lampshade. It should be easy since the tape is repositionable. Depending on the shape of your lampshade, you can choose to make diagonal stripes, vertical stripes, or a mix of both.



DIY phone case


Have you been looking for a phone case that best suits your style with no luck? Why don’t you make it yourself with washi tape? There are hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from, so you can change designs as you like.



Other DIY crafts you can do using washi tape include making garlands, creating nail art, customizing a plain table, personalizing bookmarks, decorating a ceiling fan, et cetera.


Where can you get washi tape in the UK?


If you’re planning a washi-related project, contact us for affordable custom printed washi tape as well as custom printed paper tape at 0113 479 0455