We are the UK's only custom printed Washi Tape manufacturer.

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Low minimum order

With a low minimum order on Washi Tape you'll find our prices very competitive.

packaging tape uk supplier

Low-tack adhesive

Our Washi Tape doesn't leave any residue once removed. Perfect for quick removal.

packaging tape uk supplier

Promotional Tool

A great item to give out, as scrap booking grows use it to promote your brand.

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Custom Printed Washi Tape

Custom Washi Tape is growing tremendously in popularity due to its many positive and creative applications in the growing Handmade market in the UK.

It’s a great time to get involved and we’re here to help by offering minimum runs of personalised Washi tape starting at 100 rolls you can start your own Washi tape outlet or store filled with your beautiful designs.

We have an inhouse artwork studio that can create a custom tape design for you or you can upload your own for printing.

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Washi Tape Specifications

We print Washi Tapes in many sizes but the most popular ones to name but a few are the 15mm x 10m .

We can customise the roll widths and lengths for you to suit your needs. We print Washi Tape in 3 colours (CMYK)

We take our customers Intellectual property rights very seriously thus we will never share designs or copy designs available elsewhere.

Buy Washi Tape

You will soon be able to use our price generator to buy printed washi tape directly from our website, this will enable you to price your creative washi tape craft projects instantly online.

Washi Tape, Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Washi Tape removable?

Yes Washi tape is removable, the adhesion on Washi tape is specially formulated. Washi tape is reusable, it is biodegradable and made out of highly renewable recycled resources. Washi Tape is like masking tape it does come off and unlike duct tape it does not leave residue as it is removed.

How sticky is Washi Tape?

Washi Tape offers great adhesion, the adhesive can be silicon, rubber or acrylic depending on the brand. Washi tape is mainly for decorative purposes, we recommend a Printed Packaging Tape for sealing heavy boxes.

How much does Washi Tape cost?

Custom Washi Tape in the UK can cost as little ad £0.50p per roll if bought in large enough quantities, we offer customer friendly quantities which mean that the most per roll you’ll pay on a small run is a maximum of £2 contact us for more information.

What is Washi Tape used for?

Custom Printed Washi Tape is used for a variety of reasons be it for; Delivery branding, personal creative projects and even for promotional giveaways. It is also believe it or not used as adhesive tape to seal packages or hold items together in a presentable way.

What is Washi Tape?

Washi Tape is Japanese Paper.  It is a kind of paper made using fibre from the bark of the gampi tree or other alternatives like, bamboo, rice, wheat and hemp. It is used and known as custom printed Washi Tape in the UK.

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